A Night Between Lives

Vancouver Based Film Production

A Night Between Lives is run by filmmakers that don’t have exploding wallets and we’re ok with that, we don’t need it. We bring scripts to life with less.

Feature Films

Party stories

For most, like Roy and Luke, parties are about having fun and making memories.
For others, like Jake, they’re an opportunity to drink and forget a newly found broken heart. And for the rest, well they’re just there to have a good time. Maybe they’ll get what they want, maybe they won’t but one things for sure, everyone leaves the party with a story.

Writer and Director – Matt Ralston
Producers – Matt Ralston and Latif Ullah

Upcoming 2nd feature film

A love story that takes place in our very own Vancouver, British Columbia. Details and cast to be announced soon!

Short Films

Syd and Billy (2016)

Syd And Billy is a story about a boy, a twenty dollar bill, and his dignity.

Writer and Director – Latif Ullah
Producer – Matt Ralston

Scale Back (2017)

In the aftermath of a controversial election, a mother deals with cut health benefits and a sick daughter.

Writer and Director – Adam Madojemu
Producer – Matt Ralston

Renaissance (2016)

An experimental short film that mixes dance, a tea ceremony and experimental photography.

Writer/Director – Latif Ullah
Producer – Matt Ralston

About us

We know there are good scripts out there that aren’t getting the attention they deserve, they aren’t getting made into films and it’s a shame.
We want to change that.
We’re focusing on bringing excellent stories to life with varying budgets. If we have money to make the movie, awesome. If we don’t, let’s talk about how we can get it made.
We’re here to make great movies come to life.

Contact us

Want to collaborate? Do you have a script you think is A Night Between Lives material?  Or maybe you have a different way to collaborate in mind. Either way! Send us an email!