A Night Between Lives

Vancouver Based Film Production

What We Don’t Say (2020)

Ben, an aspiring cartoonist is closed off from a recent breakup. While lost in self doubt he meets vivacious and free spirited Juliette. They have an instant connection but she also has plans to move away soon. Regardless, the two decide to spend time together while they can. As their love for each other grows, their time together dwindles and they have to face that love may not be enough for her to stay.

WINNER : ‘Best Of Fest’ at Full Bloom Film Festival 2019

WINNER‘Best International Feature Film’ at Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase 2019

NOMINATED‘Best Emerging Artist Of Canada’ for our director Matt Ralston at Calgary International Film Festival 2019. What We Don’t Say also has over a dozen other nominations! Coming summer 2020.

Director – Matt Ralston
Cinematography – Latif Ullah
Written by – Matt Ralston & Latif Ullah
Produced by – Matt Ralston, Jarvis Grenier, Jenn Repp
Staring – Kougar Vakarian, Rachel Michetti, Timothy Cakebread, Andrew J. Hampton, Charlie Nesbitt, Sabrina Auclair, Marie V. Sharp, Diego Viramontes, Derick Neumeier & Alicia Snee
Original Soundtrack by – Her Brothers

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Party stories (2017)

For most, like Roy and Luke, parties are about having fun and making memories. For others, like Jake, they’re an opportunity to drink and forget a newly found broken heart. And for the rest, well they’re just there to have a good time. Maybe they’ll get what they want, maybe they won’t but one things for sure, everyone leaves the party with a story.

Writer/Director/Producer – Matt Ralston
Cinematography – Latif Ullah
Staring – Kougar Vakarian, Diego Viramontes, Derick Neumeier, Roy Manasala, Damian Moore, Ashley Awde, Naomi King, Althea Rose, Mathew Bittroff, Kim Buller, Jack Terrel, Jacqueline Welbers

Short Films

Syd and Billy (2016)

Syd And Billy is a story about a boy, a twenty dollar bill, and his dignity.

Writer and Director – Latif Ullah
Producer – Matt Ralston

Scale Back (2017)

In the aftermath of a controversial election, a mother deals with cut health benefits and a sick daughter.

Writer and Director – Adam Madojemu
Producer – Matt Ralston

Renaissance (2016)

An experimental short film that mixes dance, a tea ceremony and experimental photography.

Writer/Director – Latif Ullah
Producer – Matt Ralston

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